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The Essence of Man

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A Man’s Inner Work

” There is a specific kind of newly evolving man. This man is unabashedly masculine – he is purposeful, confident, and directed, living his chosen way of life with deep integrity and humour – and he is sensitive, spontaneous and spiritually alive, with a heart-commitment to discovering and living his deepest purpose. This kind of man is totally turned on by the feminine… and he wants to ravish her with so much love she is vanished, they both vanish, in the fullness of loving itself. He is dedicated to incarnating love on this earth, through his work and his sexuality, and he does so as a free man, bound neither by outer convention nor inner cowardice. He simply lives from his deepest core, fearlessly giving his gifts, feeling through the fleeting moment into the openness of existence, totally committed to magnifying love”
                                                                                                                                                                         ……. David Deida

What is a man’s Inner Work?
It is the process of turning his attention inward to the chalenges of his own self mastery and it necessitates the cultivation of self discipline, integrity, accountability,purpose, love, spiritual maturity and humility (the recognition of his own limitations and death to his ego). It requires the ability to navigate his inner terrain with the sight of a shaman, a value system built upon a deep reverence for life and the feminine, and a psyche that has been evolved through the spiritual building blocks of masculine maturation. This allows the fullest expression of love and consciousness possible to grow his humanity, authenticate his spiritual evolution and allow him to live impeccably as a man of integrity

What does it involve?
It requires genuine self examination (know thyself) and the understanding of what is needed for a young boy to develop and grow into the mature masculine potentials that will transform him into a man. Potentials that will give him;

It also involves a man reclaiming his sacred capacity to honour the sacred laws of life that teach men how to steward and protect creation. The teachings of sacred laws have almost been lost over the last thousand years therefore many men are unaware of their spiritual responsibility to uphold them. Because of this, their relationship with the feminine /life /mother earth is distorted, undefined, uncertain and out of balance.

The ancient teachings of the Lore/law explain that - ‘All things are born of Woman’. She is the womb of all creation and she is sacred and to be honoured. Therefore ‘He’ –the sacred masculine, holds space for ‘Her’- the sacred feminine. She is the power behind his sword. She is the reason why He gives everything to incarnate and magnify love on this earth, and She is who his warrior energy must serve and protect at all costs.

Therefore one of the sacred lores/laws of life is….”No harm shall come to the women, to the children and to our sacred mother earth”.
To uphold this lore/law there are three primary energies that the masculine stewards;
For a man to steward this sacred lore/law requires a shift in perception –an evolutionary step away from old patriarchal paradigm into something deeper. It is a time now for men to cultivate the consciousness of the sacred masculine to match the consciousness and the shakti life force energy of the sacred feminine. The sacred feminine is returning to collective psyche and women are growing in their capacity to vessel her power, love, nourishment, magnetism, sexual potential, voluptuous appetite for life, devotional surrender and the radiance and depth of her spiritual light. Men must develop a consciousness that demonstrates the energetic reciprocal or suffer the testing that ‘She’ will bring until you do.
“Your woman knows your weaknesses better than anybody. She knows where you falter and give up. She knows the degree of mediocrity you will settle for. And, she knows your true capacity as a full man, a man of free consciousness and love. Her gift, if she is a good woman, is to test you with her darkest moods, over and over and over, until your consciousness is unperturbed by feminine challenge, and you are able to pervade her with love, just as you are here to pervade the world. In response to your fearless consciousness, she will drench your world in love and light”….David Deida
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