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About Lani

About Lani

Lani has been exploring a path of spiritual growth and personal awakening since she was a little girl. She has spent time with the earth's wisdom keepers, and eastern and western teachers of human potentiall, and she has practiced embodying and sharing their teachings. One of Lani's passions is to also develop women's spiritual practices that were passed on to her from her elders. Lani is also a sacred sexual educator trained in the Sexual Yoga and the Sacred temple arts of Tantra. She shares these bodyprayer paths through educational and experiential playshops, weekend retreats and private coaching sessions, for both individuals and couples.

Lani also offers personal growth counseling. She has worked with many individuals at very deep psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, which has allowed her to gain extensive experience and understanding of how people can heal and become awakened to their full potential. She knows that even your darkest experiences carry important messages for your soul. and that everyday your life serves as a great teacher.....our sadhana, our sacred practice is to stay present enough to pay attention to what is waking up inside of you.

                                                             "What you are looking for, is what's looking"...Francis of Assisi

The ancient ones teach that the power you need to live your life comes from your centre and she will offer you guidance into this sacred and hallowed ground where you will move into a deeper sense of wholeness and oneness and into a more sacred dimension of your life.
May you walk Love, Beauty and Sacred Power

   "When we choose to consciously dream and co-create with source,
we dare to dream a different dream than the one that our image makers have dreamnt for us.

We choose to be responsible for conceiving, gestating and birthing a new earth from the invisible matrix of creation.
How we choose to invest our thoughts, our love, our creativity, our humanity and the power of our soul
to interact with the web of life to dream a life is unique to each person.

Together we also add an enormous field of intention  that ripples into the web of life and allows the heart of the great mystery
to feel our wish to know and serve deep peace, love, the beloved, community, creation and an alive -sustainable -fertile earth. 
The courage to dare this sacred dream is required in order to create the new earth we desire to steward! ......
I invite you to join me in dreaming in a new earth"