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Sacred Sexuality for Women

Not knowing her body and the "how" of expanding into her feminine energy automatically places a restriction and limitation on a woman's experience of sex, and therefore of love. And if this reality is true for woman, it is equally true for man. If woman is living and loving at a sexual minimum, her male partner also exists at this same level”..…Diane Richardson

Naked and Sacred
There once was a time when women were the stewards of sacred sexual teachings and priestess temples and matrilineal lineages were the custodians that held the energetic integrity of very powerful sexual yogic practices. This sexual wisdom was passed onto young women as a rite of passage into womanhood so that they could learn how to; love, accept and worship their own body, develop confidence as the feminine face of the sacred lover, learn practices that offered them beauty, openness, vitality and radiance through sacred dance, learn energetic practices and embodiment of powerful sacred sutra's through body prayers,  and they learnt about the powerful energy of their kundalini - the deep serpent power of their sexuality that lays coiled and dormant within their bodies until it is awakened by their tantric practices.

Women of today are not always consciously educated about their full sexual potential, and because of this women are easily disconnected from the natural beauty of their own bodies, the sacredness of their sexuality, and the divinity that lies within their feminine essence.

In ancient cultures a woman’s genitals were recognised as being the most sacred place upon a woman’s body, and her genitals were often known as her yonhi - which is a sanskit word that means ‘sacred place, her field of pleasure’.This is a gateway to the sacred site of her womb sapce, and her sacred site was only entered with her permission. When women are not given a full sexual education they will unconsciously absorb the sexual conditioning of the teachers that are around them - their family, their peer groups, their society and the culture they grow up in. These social educators inform their senses about cultural and religious taboos, feelings of guilt, shame and uneasiness about their bodies and social attitudes and expectations that often repress rather than liberate the sexual and sensual freedom that is every woman’s birthright. Over time this social conditioning also distorts the perceptions of both men and women to the point where neither one recognises the face of the goddess within women anymore.

Today when we look at a woman we often see her beauty and her sexiness in the form of her youthfulness and the shape of her physical body and thus we miss out on receiving the gifts of her true beauty – which is her deep nourishment, her sensual energy and the magnetism and radiance of her feminine light.

A woman’s shine reveals her openness, the depth of how much she loves and the degree to which she allows her body to be moved by the forces of love and life as they surge through her body like energetic rivers - regardless of her age. As a woman embodies a deeper relationship with her feminine core her sexiness and attractiveness becomes a magnetic force, and like a moth to a flame, she gathers energetic power that is able to attract to herself all that she desires. However we may miss the exquisite beauty and the sexual awe of this kind of woman when our eyes are not capable of seeing her – in ourselves or in the world.

A woman’s ‘sense of her own sexiness’ comes from feeling connected to the living energies within her body. And even if she is not aware of her one light, those around her certainly will be. Unfortunately many women do not feel at home within the temple of their body and as more and more women seek to gain personal freedom, independence, purpose and clear direction in their lives women are animating their masculine/yang energy and are moving upwards into their minds. As they spend more time living in this masculine domain, their bodies suffer a grave consequence. Apart from literally drying up the water element of their bodies, this also affects their feminine allure. The key therefore for a woman is to learn to move her attention inward so that she can bring her awareness to the physical sensations of her body and gather information about her sensual and sexual responses. 

This allows her to cultivate her own inner yogini whose sexual medicine heals her feminine spirit and brings aliveness to her body and a luminosity that shines and radiates the light of her inner beauty.

 Exploring sensuality and sexuality from a sacred and tantric perspective allows women to reclaim this deeply sacred aspect of their existence. Tantra speaks directly to the emotional and sexual longings that are held deep within the body of woman. It holds space for her to enter herself with deeper love. It allows her time and encourages her to explore the fullness of her sexual pleasure. It shines a bright light on the feminine mysteries that reveal the domain of the Sacred Feminine and it opens a woman to her wildly erotic, primal and instinctive nature - without judgment, criticism, self denial or self rejection.










Sexual Healing Sessions for Women
A woman who loves and embraces her full sexual potential is a woman who lives in harmony with herself. However women’s sexuality is more complex then men’s because there is more of an emotional component to it. So as a woman learns to relax and opens to her inner world she may encounter some barriers to her pleasure. Before today’s woman can claim her orgasmic responses and fully express and enjoy the passion and aliveness of her sexual energy, there may be some important steps for her to take;

¥      Learn how to enter her body temple in a safe, loving and honouring way. Deep breathing, bodywork, healing uncomfortable feelings and cultivating self awareness are all essential in breaking down emotional walls, clearing our old mental habits and unlocking restrictive body armour that has manifested because of painful experiences. When a woman feels at home in her body temple she can choose to open with love rather than contract with fear and she can learn how to tend the holy fires of her passions and her desires. She will then live in oneness with her sexuality, which is her intrinsic feminine nature.

¥      Re-educate herself about female sexuality- One of the main reasons that so many women are disappointed with sex is that apart from a lack of educational resources from parents and school sex education classes, women’s sexuality has become defined according to men and our current patriarchal model. A male view point is that sex is intercourse and outcome focused, which works very well for men, but does not work well for women. Women need the emotional components of love and intimacy so that their hearts can open and flow energy downward into their body. As their body ignites with sexual desire they also need the potent energy of a man’s full presence to release the flow of their feminine waters. Women also need more than a few minutes of arousal for their sexual waters to heat up and partners that offer short penetration time with no heart connection and the empty bump and grind of two bodies that are simply creating friction together, leave a woman feeling unravished, unloved, unclaimed, disillusioned and dissatisfied with sex.

¥      Learn about Orgasms – there are many women that have never had an orgasm. Some aren’t sure if they have or not, few women know how to self pleasure, fewer know that they can have multiple orgasms, some know where their G-spot is however there are very few that know that there are three types of feminine waters and that women are capable of female ejaculation. Learning about her own orgasm gives a woman a new vision of herself. One that supports her to develop a quiet confidence, a stronger sense of self authority and a deeper awareness of the volcano of explosive and eruptive energies that she is capable of experiencing.

¥      Awareness of religious influence – for many men and women, their sensuality and sexuality can be shamed and shut down due to the influence of religious culture and upbringing. Masturbation and sex are often regarded as a sin outside of marriage and as a young boys and girl grow and become aware of the natural feelings that arise within their bodies, religious guilt can often stifle their sexual explorations and load their bodies with feelings of shame, being impure/dirty/unclean, judgement and self loathing. These create emotional closure, body armouring, deep psychological wounding and also prevent the body from cultivating and circulating sexual energy in a way that allows the freedom expression and the fullest experience of a woman’s sexual potential. It also inhibits the possibility of experiencing lovemaking that moves a couple into boundless states where sexuality and spirituality merge into the bliss of oneness.

¥      Communication – one of the most essential skills for you to develop is the ability to express your feelings, desires and thoughts with emotional honesty. Self awareness allows you to know your inner world and to be clear about what you want and what you think something means. Your ability to communicate this to your beloved allows you to take personal responsibility for sharing this in a way that creates love, vulnerability, trust and intimacy and it allows you to receive what you both want to experience. The best lovemaking experiences occur in a sate of love -  where hearts are open, bodies trust each other, personal boundaries dissolve and as you merge together, oneness with your beloved is experienced. The space that holds this sexually rich and spiritual fulfilling experience is the intimacy created between two people. Intimacy, (in-too –me-you-see) is created with communication and the more you know each other, the more profound the intimacy and the more profound is the oneness of your sexual experience.

All this is important in your sexual healing journey because conscious lovemaking will often stir emotions and energies within you that may have been suppressed for a long time. Because of this, all sessions take place within a safe, loving and caring environment and each woman is given time, compassion and guidance to unfold her self in whatever way she needs to. The body/mind/spirit has its own innate wisdom and when provided with a safe and supportive environment, it will unwind and release and heal itself.

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