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feminine radiance, the feminine body, feminine love and feminine openness,
are the most powerful energies on the planet

" So many woman still fear being fully present in their bodies,
because it means owning just how powerful we are"......
Meggan Watterson

The time has come for women to love deeper, experience more joy and passion and explore new possibilities and dimensions of their femininity. Claiming our feminine essence as a sacred and soulful force is part living as conscious, awakened women, willing to own the totality of who we are. If women don’t learn how to access these inner treasures, the fullness of our feminine beauty, power and potential will always remain hidden from ourselves, our partners and from our children and our light will remain hidden from the world.

                                COMING SOON in 2016
               tEMPLE DAY FOR WOMEN!!

                             Calling all Shakti's to the Temple...