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Sacred Sexual Healing for Men

" Historically intercourse was the act through which a male and female experienced god. The ancients believed that the male was spiritually incomplete until he had carnal knowledge of the sacred feminine. Physical union with the female remained the sole means through which man could become spiritually complete and ultimately achieve gnosis- knowledge of the divine. Since the day of Isis, sex rites had been considered the only bridge between earth and heaven. By communing with woman, man could achieve a climatic instant when his mind went totally blank and he could see God and orgasm as prayer. The ancients ‘view of sex’ was entirely opposite of ours today. Intercourse was the revered union of the two halves of the human spirit –male and female- through which the male could find spiritual wholeness and communion with God”... The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown

Living from your masculine core

Earth based cultures have always understood that as a young boy and girl enter puberty their sexual energy awakens within them and they enter a new phase of self knowledge. Earth keepers have a rite of passage that recognises the sacredness of their sexual energy and this rite teaches the young initiates to respect and honour this sexual awakening and channel their creative life forces as responsible members of the tribe/community. They are taught about the beauty of their body temple, the sacred nature of their sexuality and how to consciously vessel the potency of their creative energy. They are given sensual, sexual and spiritual instruction and they receive the first rites ceremony that initiates them into the sacred sacrament of sexual union. In first rites initiation they learn to honour their beloved as a manifestation of the divine and they learn spiritual practices to open their body/heart/mind/soul to their first taste of the supreme energy and essence of the sacred path of ‘the divine lover’.
Young men and women receive their first rites in different ways. A young man receives his sexual teachings after his rite of passage into manhood, which gives him a solid spiritual foundation and a knowing about the sacredness of all existence. Then he is ready to receive sensual and sexual instruction with his sacred sexual teacher. For young men first rites are an important initiation into understanding love, feminine and masculine energies and intimacy within relationships. The initiation is given by the Temple Priestess or Tribal Elder and can also be given by a man or a woman, depending on the boys’ sexual orientation.

First Rites teachings can include:
¥      The physical arts of love making, including ejaculation control for longer lovemaking
¥      How to circulate sexual energy through his body to attain altered states of awareness, merging and oneness
¥      Health practices that gave him virility, strength, longevity and the power of regeneration
¥      He learns about feminine/masculine energies and his role in creating sexual attraction
¥      How to penetrate his woman physically, emotionally, spiritually and with deep consciousness
¥      The use of sacred plants, aroma’s and sacred oils for anointing and opening his beloved’s body
¥      He learns how to touch the body of his beloved, how to slow down and warm her, and how to pleasure her and give her different types of orgasm
¥      He receives teachings about the chakra system and the subtle energy bodies and gains spiritual knowledge of cosmic, full bodied orgasm
¥      He learns the sacredness of his seed and how to cultivate it in preparation for creating children
¥      He learns to recognise different types of lovers and how to meet their energies within himself eg: the shy lover, the lusty lover
¥      He learns emotional skills to cultivate love, intimacy, trust, passion, devotion and deep surrender
¥      He learns the importance of bonding with men to discipline and deepen his warrior’s heart and raise his masculine potency
¥      He practices self worship – how to keep his own body temple clean, healthy and harmonious out of respect for the divine masculine that resides
        within himself
¥      He learns to worship his woman knowing that her body is the alter upon which he will worship the sacred feminine, and her womb space is the
        holy grail into which he will 
        offer himself completely to the keeper of life and death. He learns that only a woman can initiate him into the deeper mysteries of love and
        sexual, sensual and spiritual 
        bliss and that her womb space is the sacred seed bed that will receive the seeds of his unborn children, and the seeds of his desires,
        passions, hopes and dreams.
¥      He learns his spiritual responsibility is to keep the sacred lore – ‘All life comes from Woman’ and ‘No harm shall come to the women, to the
       children or the earth’
Imagine receiving these teachings as a young man. How different would you feel about your relationships, your sexuality, about yourself and about your life? A man’s sexuality is a deeply sacred aspect of his masculine core, his spiritual home. When a man receives sexual education, like the one described above, it teaches him about the beauty and power of his masculinity and he learns how to grow his inner world so that he can step into the fullness of his manhood and meet his woman, and the world, with power, vision, passion, focus, depth, purpose, love and clarity.

Sexual Healing Sessions for Men
Many of the ancient sacred sexual teaching ways have been lost or have gone underground, however some of the teachings still exist and there are still men and women who are keepers of these teaching traditions. Tantra and other forms of sacred sexual healing are re-emerging from their ancient slumber to remind us of what we have forgotten, and what we can reclaim for ourselves, if we desire it.

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